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Exploring Brooklyn: braving the cold & eating the best food

I’ve been hibernating for the past three days due to an intense and nasty cold I’m pretty sure I picked up on the New York subway. We returned late Thursday night/early Friday morning from an amazing and bitterly cold four days in Brooklyn and Manhattan (literally a “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” situation getting back home: subway, train, second train, plane, shuttle, and 2.5 hour … Read More Exploring Brooklyn: braving the cold & eating the best food

South by Southwest

Last week, I flew out of hot-and-humid Georgia to visit my sister in hot-and-dry Juarez, Mexico, the largest city in the state of Chihuahua on the border of El Paso, TX. My sister has been living in the desert and working at a children’s home in the city for more than two years now, and I finally had the opportunity to catch a glimpse … Read More South by Southwest

Exploring Charleston: Coffee, Food, and Activities

One of the things I love about Augusta is our proximity to so many interesting cities, like Columbia, Savannah, Atlanta, Greenville, Charlotte, and Charleston (just to name a few). We’re attempting to make the most of our time in the south and explore as much of the surrounding area as we can. A few weekends ago we drove up to Charleston for a spontaneous … Read More Exploring Charleston: Coffee, Food, and Activities

Friendship, Food & Fredericksburg

Friendship is a funny thing. It ebbs and flows. Sometimes friendships completely die out, never to be rekindled. Others may fade but remain significant. I especially appreciate the friendships that last – even without phone calls or Christmas cards or frequent visits. I’m learning to appreciate and give thanks for the friendships in my life that have truly endured through decades. Though they look … Read More Friendship, Food & Fredericksburg

Stories from the Fireworks Tent

It’s been a few weeks since my best friend, Bethany, and I returned from a spontaneous (for me anyway) trip to Minnesota where we sold fireworks in a grocery store parking lot for nine days. Yes, you read that right. We sold fireworks. And no, I knew absolutely nothing about fireworks prior to this trip – I’ve never bought or set off fireworks in … Read More Stories from the Fireworks Tent

Exploring Pensacola: the best coffee shop finds

For any of you who know me in person (or know me via this blog – haha), you ought to know by now that I LOVE coffee! Coffee, as the cool kids say, is my spirit animal; it runs through my veins. I believe my love for good coffee began while living in Colombia, South America. I was an avid coffee consumer during college, but the … Read More Exploring Pensacola: the best coffee shop finds

Our Last Week in Pensacola

I’m sitting on a pile of pillows in our empty apartment with my computer balanced on my lap. The rental furniture was collected yesterday and all that remains in this 800-square-foot apartment are a few miscellaneous piles of belongings left to pack (and a dog who cannot understand why – for the second time – the couch disappeared). It’s been a little over a year since our … Read More Our Last Week in Pensacola