Three years ago, I swapped my very interesting, Italian-sounding-but-Irish surname (Costello) for a new one. I married my lifelong, childhood friend from the great state of North Carolina and took on his name: Southern.


I wasn’t sure at first how I would feel about the double S. But it’s truly grown on me. I love it. Sarah Southern. It’s just perfect.

Lest anyone be confused by my blog/Etsy name, know I am not a southern girl in the stereotypical sense of the term. I don’t wear camouflage or cowgirl boots and I don’t fish, or hunt or say the word “ain’t.” I don’t really like fried chicken and I rarely drink sweet tea (though I do love some good pulled pork barbecue and coleslaw).

But by law, I am quite literally a Southern girl, married to a true Southern gentleman.

I love to write and make things. I’m obsessed with pumpkins and fall, and have been long before Pinterest made autumn trendy. I stay hydrated through my daily intake of about four to five cups of coffee (the good stuff). I’m a wannabe hand-letterer and a lover of calligraphy. I have a double major in journalism and digital art, and continue to delve more and more in the graphic design field (as that is truly my passion).

I have a small but hopefully growing Etsy shop (please check it out!) where I sell prints, cards and digital downloads. I love DIY home projects, decorating and dreaming about how I can transform a dull room into a truly interesting one! Husband and I enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking and walking our sweet pup Lucy whenever we get the chance. We’re mountain lovers through and through!


We’re a new Navy family and recently relocated from Pensacola, Florida (where we temporarily lived for six months), and are now living in Augusta, Georgia – three moves in 10 months! Life has been a whirlwind, but we’re finally settling down and enjoying life together.

This blog is my attempt to talk about the things I’m passionate about: current events and relevant topics through the perspective of an outspoken conservative woman (with lots of humor and random life stories thrown in)!

Thank you for following along on our journey!


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